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If you choose to thoroughly eliminate CA eTrust Anti-virus from your pc and shift over to Kapersky, McAfee or one of the other more useful applications, then I will tell you the reality. You cannot depend on the Ms Windows built-in "Add/Remove Programs" - the regular way to remove the undesirable applications. Because after this un-installation, in the procedure of installing the other antivirus, you may acquire a massage showing that the program cannot function all elements (e.g. malware examine out, antispam etc) while other eTrust applications are still operating.

So how can you absolutely eliminate this persistent CA eTrust Antivirus? Please continue reading this post and I will tell you how:

One, a guide removal

After removing this put in "Add/Remove Programs", eliminate all those techniques below if they still exist:

Step 1

Go to Begin - Management Board - System - Components - System Administrator - Perspective - Display Invisible Gadgets - Non-Plug and Perform motorists, a sequence of VET___ elements may still be remaining there. They may appear in a reduced overall tone or grayed out (Phantoms), and then eliminate each one of them. There may also be one or two orphaned Solutions in the Present Management Set in the PC registry (Also known as VET_____).

Step 2

Go to Begin - Run, kind in: unvet32.exe and eliminate the following:

• * C:WindowsAVShlExt.dll
• * C:WindowsSystem32ISafeIf.dll
• * C:WindowsSystem32iSafProd.dll
• * C:WindowsSystem32VetRedir.dll
• * C:WindowsSystem32DriversVetEBoot.sys
• * C:WindowsSystem32DriversVetEFile.sys
• * C:WindowsSystem32DriversVetFDDNT.sys
• * C:WindowsSystem32DriversVet-Filt.sys
• * C:WindowsSystem32DriversVetMonNT.sys
• * C:WindowsSystem32DriversVet-Rec.sys
• * C:Program FilesCAeTrust EZ ArmoreTrust EZ Antivirus
The EZAV start selection program team situated in Start->All Programs
In the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Computer Associates Anti-Virus

Step 3 Go to the registry editor: Begin - Run, and kind regedit.

Under the key
Delete the following keys
* Under the key
Delete the following key

Step 4 Reboot your pc.

* In the registry:

If you had to personally eliminate any information, run UnVet32.exe again to see what it shows. If it shows an excellent concept it will eliminate itself, thus a finish elimination.

However, you need to execute this execute at your own threat, because any error may cause mistakes to your pc. So cautious and verify before removing anything.

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